Terms & Conditions

1. General

This agreement as detailed and dated overleaf [of the order form], is made between the customer and NuVu Windows Ltd (hereinafter called the company).

The customer agrees to purchase and have installed and the company agrees to supply and install the items as set out in the agreement.

This order includes all the terms of the contract and no representing warrantees, statements or undertakings whether or in writing shall form any part of the contract and no purported variations of these conditions shall have any legal effect unless to the same shall be in writing and signed by a Director of the company and attached hereto [the order form].

2. Payment

The balance payable on completion referred to overleaf [on the order form] shall be paid to the company upon delivery or upon fixing of the installation being completed where fixing is part of the contract. Payment shall be in cash or by way of cheque or money order payable to or in the event of company finance facilities being used the signed and completed documents relating to the loan agreement must be handed to the fitters upon instructions. In the event of any alleged minor defect the customer shall be entitled to withhold more than a proportional amount of the sum. When payment is not made on the due date in accordance with this condition The Company shall have the right to require payment of interest on the outstanding amount at the rate of 2% above base rate from the due date until date of actual payment.

3. Guarantee

The company guarantees that the uPVC products are free from minor defects for a period of 10 YEARS from completion. This guarantee is not transferable and only applicable while the customer remains at the installation address.

The company guarantees to repair or replace free of charge all components, such as blinds, mechanical and electrical ventilators etc. installed as additions to the main contract for a period of 1 year from the date of installation. Damage due to accident or misuse are not covered by such warranties.

4. Installation

All reasonable access to be provided to enable the survey and installation to be carried out in the most efficient and satisfactory manner.

The company undertakes to make good any damaged plaster, rendering or brickwork immediately surrounding the windows or doors replaced, but does not accept any responsibility for non-matching. The company accepts no responsibility for any damage resulting from unforeseeable structural or other defects in the property at which the installation is carried out, but any complaint by the Purchaser for compensation for damage done by the Company for which it may be liable under these terms and conditions must be made in writing to reach the Company within 1 calendar month of installation.

The customer shall be responsible for the removal of all fittings which are reasonably required to be removed to enable the Company’s fitters to carry out the installation work i.e. curtains, blinds, secondary glazing, radiator, electrical cables or TV cables etc. WE DO NOT UNDERTAKE TO REFIT BLINDS, CURTAINS, PELMETS, CURTAIN RAILS OR BURGLAR ALARM SYSTEMS.

If the installation is not required by the customer within 20 weeks from the date of the contract the, the Company shall be at liberty to charge the customer the price for the product ruling at the expiration of the 20 week period in substitution for the price agreed on this contract.

5. Survey

This contract is accepted by the Company subject to a working final survey by the Company’s technical surveyor.
In the event of the surveyor advising the Company that it is not feasible for any reason for the Company to carry out the works on the terms specified herein, the Company will notify the Purchaser accordingly and in all such cases the deposits will be refunded in full, whereupon this contract shall be null and void and neither party shall be under any liability to the other.

6. Customer cancellation

This agreement may be cancelled without penalty by written notice given within seven days of the dated contract.

After the seven day period has elapsed the document is a binding contract between the Purchaser and the Company. In the event that cancellation is requested after the seven day period by the Purchaser and agreed by the Company a fee will be charged to the Purchaser to cover administration and other expenses and profit loss incurred by the Company. Such requests of cancellation by the Purchaser will only be considered by the Company if made in writing and addressed to the Head Office of the Company.

7. Delivery Dates

We will make every effort to complete the work on time (or if no date has been agreed, within a reasonable time from the date of the order) but we cannot be held responsible for delays due to weather or other circumstances beyond our control. In this case we will complete the work as soon as reasonably possible.

The Company in the interests of the Customer reserves the right to refer back to the customer should any detail on the order be in any doubt and delivery times will be deemed to commence with effect from settlement of all such details.

8. Condensation

Although double glazing units normally reduce condensation on the glass there can be variations in different types of property and therefore no guarantee of this can be given.

9. Credit Facilities

If the Purchaser has indicated to the Company at the time of signing this agreement that he intends to apply for credit facilities either directly himself or through the Company then this agreement shall be deemed to be CONDITIONAL UPON THE GRANTING OF SUCH LOAN in the sum specified, if such loan is not approved then the deposit paid to the Company shall be refunded to the Purchaser.

10. Specifications

As it is our policy to continually improve products, methods and materials, we reserve the right to change specifications from time to time, we will not make any significant variations without your agreement.


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